Portable water systems are starting to become very popular, especially for those involved in the outdoor adventure space. An integral part of these systems is LDPE tubing because it's used to transport water to different areas. If you're developing your own portable water system and thus need to buy this tubing, remember these tips. 

Find a Variety That's Resistant to Cracking

To properly support a portable water system for a long time, the LDPE tubing that's used can't be prone to cracking. If this was the case, then you're going to have water leaks all the time, especially when the LDPE tubing is bent in different directions.

Find a tubing variety that's the right thickness and features dependable LDPE materials that keep cracking from ever becoming a problem, even after years of use around a portable water system. You can stand behind this design if you find an LDPE tubing manufacturer that has performed their due diligence with testing out this crack-resistant nature. 

Conduct Fluid Analysis Using Models

You can feel great about how LDPE tubing comes out of manufacturing to support a portable water system when you perform fluid analysis using models. You need software that lets you create 3D models of tubing and then simulates water moving throughout it.

Then you can adjust different aspects like diameter size and orientation to see what designs are truly going to support a portable water system. When manufacturing takes place, you know the LDPE tubing is being developed perfectly according to what your portable water operations involve. 

Determine Which Diameter Size is Appropriate 

You can get LDPE tubing in standard and customized diameter levels. This attribute will affect the performance of your portable water system and because of this fact, think carefully about what diameter size is going to be best long-term. 

There may be a particular diameter size that helps your portable water system stay at an optimal pressure range where water moves smoothly. You need to find out what this diameter is by conducting trial tests with different tubing diameter sizes.

A portable water system is only going to work if LDPE tubing is incorporated throughout its design. Then, water can move to the appropriate compartments that it needs to. Just make sure you figure out what LDPE tubing variety to choose, so that you can get a lot of use out of said water system for different activities. Check out a company like Seiler Plastics for more details.