Whether you are tackling a storage building construction project at home or doing some work on your roof, there is one thing that can get really fuzzy when you go to pick out materials: what kind of fasteners should you use? From steel to zinc, there are an array of choices to contend with when you hit the fastener aisle at the hardware store. However, more often than not, people reach for stainless steel screws for their building projects. Why is this the case? To understand why stainless steel is a a popular choice, it is a good idea to get to know all of the advantages this screw material provides. 

Stainless steel screws are durable and corrosion resistant. 

Stainless steel screws are perhaps one of the most resilient and durable screws you can obtain. They will not rust after years of exposure to moisture, which is not something that can be said for most fastener material types. This durable resiliency makes stainless steel a preferable fastener choice for exterior projects at home or otherwise, but also in projects when exposure to moisture would be an imminent threat, such as around plumbing fixtures in the bathroom or in other areas where high moisture is a huge possibility. 

Stainless steel screws are an attractive choice. 

With the telltale silver finish that stainless steel is known for, these are the screws that you don't mind being visible in your building projects in a lot cases. Stainless steel screws are commonly used in things like marine construction because of their attractive qualities. It is a lot easier to make a structure look good with screws that not only look good the day they are installed, but will continue to do so for the long haul. 

Stainless steel screws are available in an abundance of forms.

Because stainless steel fasteners are so popular, you will hardly ever have a difficult time finding the right stainless steel screws for whatever job it is that you are performing. From short screws designed for metal fastening to longer wood screws you would use to build with wood, there is no shortage of types of stainless steel screws available. Likewise, you can find screws formulated as stainless steel but with an array of other additives and components for durability. For example, you may find stainless steel screws with a zinc coating or a core of a different metal material. 

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