When choosing the type of commercial refrigerator that you want for your pizza restaurant, you will soon see there are different types to choose from. Below are a few of these types so you can determine what would work best for your restaurant.


A reach-in commercial refrigerator/freezer has two clear or solid doors that open out with two separate sides.  These refrigerators have dual temperatures. This could be set up like a traditional refrigerator with one side being the refrigerator and the other side the freezer. However, you can change the temperatures on each side to whatever you wish. For example, one side of the refrigerator could be 38 degrees, and the other side could be 50 degrees.  This works great if you need to put two types of food in the refrigerator.


Another option is a pass-through commercial refrigerator. This works much like a reach in refrigerator, but it also has doors on each side that you can open to have access to the refrigerator. This can make it much easier for your employees to get things out of the refrigerator.


If you need to store large quantities of food at your restaurant, you can purchase a walk-in commercial refrigerator or freezer. These have shelving so you can keep your food organized, and you have enough room to move around.

Refrigerator and Prep Station

Most restaurant kitchens need to have preparation tables. Because you have a pizza restaurant, this is especially true if you make your own dough. For this reason, there are commercial refrigerators available that have a preparation table on top with the refrigerator below. You can find these in large sizes that would go down the length of the wall so all employees would have access to the table.  They are also available in smaller sizes if you need to save money. In many cases, refrigerator/prep stations have a large temperature range so they allow you to store many types of food.

Bar Refrigerators

If you plan to serve alcohol at your pizza restaurant, you should consider purchasing a bar commercial refrigerator. Most of these refrigerators are very large, so you can store various types of alcohol along with drink supplies.  You can find this type of refrigerator with both solid and glass doors. If you plan to have it close to the bar, a glass door would work well so the customers could see the types of alcohol you have available.

Talk with a commercial refrigeration supplier in your area to learn much more about these and other types of refrigerators. You can also click here to contact a commercial refrigeration installation company.