When you work in a field that requires you to power a number of tools via compressed air, you will need to do your best to keep your air compressor working properly. To this end, you will need to learn a bit about repairing or replacing your air compressor, in addition to tips on working with the contractors that specialize in these pieces of equipment. With this in mind, read on and put these guidelines to use. 

Figure out if You Need to Repair or Replace Your Air Compressor

Since so much of your day-to-day work depends on the availability of compressed air, you will need to be sure that you get an accurate assessment of whether repair or replacement is in order. The key way to do this is by calling in an industrial contractor who can inspect your machinery. Some points to keep in mind include the frequency of equipment failure, the age of your current air compressor, and how often you use the air compressor. If a contractor indicates that you need a replacement, you'll need to choose between several types of air compressors, including oil-free, multi-coupler, and adjustable exhaust compressors. Each type has its own merit and use, so be mindful of this and ask a professional if you need further guidance. 

Make Sure Installation Is Covered

There are some important questions that you must have a contractor address whenever you seek their expertise. For one, you should find out if they will also provide you with installation. If installation is included with the sale, they will help you to hit the ground running. Whenever possible, upgrade to a new model, rather than replacing the old unit with an identical one. Upgraded air compressors will often have improved technology and specifications that can be useful to you. Ask for cost estimates up front so that you can compare the prices and then purchase accordingly. 

Buy a Maintenance Plan

If you want your air compressor to last a long time and be in excellent condition, you should purchase a maintenance plan from an industrial contractor. Maintenance accounts for 12 percent of the long-term cost of an air compressor. In turn, you will pay less in energy costs because a well-maintained air compressor will also be much less wasteful. Shop around for a maintenance plan from an industrial contractor for the best rates and be sure that they provide all the necessary preventative maintenance. 

For more about this topic, talk to an air compressor supplier near you.