Navigating a large building can be a difficult task for those that are unfamiliar with the premises. For this reason, it is common for enterprises to utilize wayfinding systems to make navigation easier for both employees and customers. However, if you have never considered installing these systems, you may benefit from the following answers to routine wayfinding questions.

Why Does Your Business Need A Wayfinding Solution?

In addition to making navigation easier, wayfinding systems can also prove invaluable in reducing your enterprise's liability. For example, a major fire can pose immediate risks to anyone in the building, and these systems can help ensure that everyone understands the path to the nearest exit. Also, these systems can prove important during power outages because they can provide light while helping individuals exit the building.

Are All Wayfinding Solutions The Same?

There are some enterprise leaders that may not want to install these systems for fear of having unsightly plastic signs scattered throughout the building. Luckily, this is not the only solution for meeting this need. It is also possible to opt for a digital wayfinding system. This type of system will utilize a series of digital screens to display navigation information, advertisements, and other important pieces of information. Additionally, these systems can often be configured to be aesthetically pleasing, which can help to ensure that your customers get the right first impression of your enterprise.

Will Digital Wayfinding Systems Work During Electrical Outages?

While you may like the idea of opting for a digital wayfinding system, you may have concerns about whether or not the system will be able to operate when the building is without power, but these systems are equipped with backup power sources to ensure that they continue to function during temporary outages. However, the length of time that they can work without power will largely be determined by the size of the battery backup that you opt to install with the system. For this reason, you may want to opt for the largest battery backup that you can afford. Additionally, you will want to test this backup system at least once a year to ensure that it is still functioning and that the batteries are able to retain a charge.

Installing a wayfinding system can be an excellent investment in your business's building. However, it can be easy for business owners and leaders to be uninformed about them. Ensuring that you understand the advantages of installing these systems, the options that are available, and the benefits of opting for a large battery backup for digital signs will help you make sound choices when it concerns the installation of these systems.

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