Is your excavator unable to be used because the lift and bucket does not move anymore? The root of the problem might stem from the hydraulic system not being in a good condition. There are a several things that can go wrong with the hydraulic system in an excavator. Take a look at the article below to find out what can lead to the hydraulic system in an excavator not working.

Problems with the Hydraulic Cylinder

If the lift is no longer functioning, it might be due to the hydraulic cylinder needing a repair. However, the hydraulic cylinder can also be damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced. There are actually several hydraulic cylinders on an excavator to help parts move. A few of the parts that are equipped with a hydraulic cylinder other than the lift and bucket are the stabilizer and boom.  It is possible that the one or more of the hydraulic cylinders are cracked and leaking fluid, which is causing the excavator to malfunction.

A Malfunctioning Hydraulic Pump

If there is nothing wrong with any of the hydraulic cylinders, it is possible that the hydraulic pump is causing the lift and bucket to malfunction. What the hydraulic pump does is produce a high level of pressure that is used for releasing hydraulic fluid from the cylinder. The pump might be covered in dirt that is preventing it from moving as it should. The hydraulic pump can also stop producing pressure when it is old and rusty. It is in your best interest to get the hydraulic pump inspected by a professional so he or she can determine if the problem can be fixed, or if a new pump should be installed.

Contaminated Fluid in the Hydraulic Cylinder

The fluid in the hydraulic cylinder can get contaminated when the filter in the excavator is not kept clean. Basically, the filter is needed for trapping metal pieces that sometimes chip off when the excavator is being used. When the filter is too dirty to trap the metal pieces, they get into the fluid and cause parts to malfunction. It is possible that metal from the hydraulic fluid is preventing the lift and bucket from moving, but a professional should be able to remove the metal and fix the problem.

Contact an industrial equipment repair contractor, like those at Bayou City Hydraulics, so he or she can determine if the hydraulic system is preventing your excavator from working.