From the large machines you see roaming about a construction site to the brakes in your vehicle, hydraulics are at work everywhere. Their agility and strength are truly astounding. Just about everywhere you turn, you are going to see something that uses this technology. To help you learn more about where hydraulic systems are commonly used, check out these three examples.

1. Car Brakes

When you drive in your car, you just assume it is going to stop and start when you want it to. Did you ever stop and think about what it is that actually makes your vehicle come to a halt? Even though you are probably thinking it is the brake pedal, there is more to it than just that. Sure, you need to push the brake pedal down, but that pedal actually pushes into a small piston.

In turn, that piston has to apply pressure to your brake fluid, which is then going to push down on your brake pads and into the larger pistons in the vehicle. Eventually, your brake pads are going to push into the brake drum and slow your car down before coming to a stop.

2. Airplanes and Jets

Airplanes and jets actually use a hydraulic system in a variety of different locations. These hydraulics are responsible for adjusting the wings of the craft, opening and closing all of the doors and putting out and bringing in the landing gear. Without hydraulic systems, the plane wouldn't be able to fly properly, if at all.

3. Heavy Machinery

While this one might seem rather obvious, many people don't even think about what actually makes all of the industrial equipment work the way it does. Hydraulic systems are widely used in just about every piece of heavy machinery out there, especially when it comes to dump trucks and the like. The limits to the power of hydraulics is few and far between.

Hydraulic systems control a lot of different components in the world around you. Without them, there would be a number of things that wouldn't work properly: construction equipment wouldn't be able to operate properly, cars wouldn't be able to stop, airplanes wouldn't be able to fly and much more. Everywhere you look hydraulics are in use. They provide you with a mode of transportation and for some, a job. The sheer versatility and power contained in a hydraulic system will amaze and astonish you.

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